HVAC & Electromechanical Products

  • Penn Barry (USA)
    Industrial & Commercial Exhaust Fans
  • CaptiveAire, (USA)
    Kitchen Hoods and Fire Suppression system
  • Strobic Aire
    Laboratory Fume Ventilation
  • Big Ass Fans ( BAF)
    HVLS Fans and Clean aire system
  • Customs Controls Company(USA)
    Explosion proof HVAC equipments
  • Dristeem(USA)
    Industrial & Commercial Humidifiers
  • Sonniger
    Air Curtains ( Industrial & Commercial)
  • Triatek
    Venturey Valves
  • Dynamci Air Quality ( Canada)
    Filters and Ecology Unit
  • Filtrotechnica(Italy)
    Inertial filter and bleedfans
    Duct heaters ( Open Coils Type)
  • Neptronic ( Canada)
    Duct Heaters ( Finned Tubular)
  • Pollrich DLK ( German)
    Ventilation System for Car Park and Tunnels
  • Anemostat(USA),
    Variable Air Volume(VAV) Boxes
  • Kruger HVAC
    Variable Air Volume(VAV) Boxes
  • Anemostat(USA)
    Security Grills
  • Anemostat(USA)
    Jet Diffusers, Hepa Filters
  • KENT
    Fire and Smoke Curtains
  • Versol
    Expansion Tank, Air Separator
  • Versol
    Boilers and Calorifiers
  • Flexidare, USA
    Metal Expansion Bellows
  • Armacell
    Rubber and Sound Insulation
  • KATO Engineering
    Rotary Frequency Convertors
    Static Frequency Convertors
  • Atom Valves
    Boiler valves and accessories
  • Easyflex
    Vibration Isolators and Expansion Joints

Oil & Gas Products

  • New York Blower (USA)   
    Heavy Industrial Ventilation ( Oil&Gas, Petro Chemicals & Power Plants)
  • Western Valve
    Double Bloack and Bleed Valves
  • Fevisa Valves
    Industrial Valves ( Oil Field application)

Industrial Insulation

  • JM ( Johns Manville)
    Calcium Silicate Insulation
  • JM ( Johns Manville)
    Perlite Insulation
  • 3I Aluminium
    Metal Jacketing & Accessories


  • Summit
    Descalers and Digreaser

Advance Development Agency International General Trading LLC

    Passenger Boarding Bridges (PBBs), Pre-Conditioned Air Unit (PCA)
  • COBUS Industries
    Airport Buses
  • CaetanoBus
    Airport ServiceBuses and Coaches
  • Caleche Europe
    Panoramic Vehicles
  • Bliss-Fox by Panus GSE
    GSE Products; Aircraft Towing Tractors, Baggage& Cargo Tractors
    Forklifts and Baggage Towing Tractors
  • Carttec
    Baggage Trolleys, Duty–Free Trolleys, RFID Systems, Airport Electric Vehicles, Access Systems and Controls, Ramp Trolleys, Trolley Towing Scooter
  • Paxlift from Baumann
    PRM Transporter -Passenger cabin lifting from ground level to 8 meters forVIP or mobility-restricted passengers.
  • PosiCharge
    Smart Fast Charging Systems for Electric Airport Ground Support Equipment
  • Spear Power Systems
    Integrated Battery Management Systems
  • TIPS
    Passenger Stairs, Belt Loaders, Transfer Transporter, Potable water vehicle, lavatory vehicle, Runway Service Vehicle, Tow Tractor, Container Dollies, Freight Trailers, Baggage Trailers, Working Stairs and Special Assignments
  • ULMA
    baggage handling systems; Check-in conveyor belts, Conveyor belts, High speed vertical diverters,Horizontal diverters, Horizontal pushers, Roller routes, Make up flat/inclined carousels, Reclaim flat/inclined carousels, Sorting systems&Automated storage
    Aviation products including frequency inverters, Airfield4 rectifiers and combined power supplies
  • Bombelli
    Towed and Self-propelled Conveyor Belt Loaders, Towed and Self-Propelled Water Servicing Units, Towed and Self-Propelled Lavatory Servicing Units, Towed and Self-Propelled Passenger Stairs, Temperature controlled dolly (Cool Dolly, Pharma Dolly), Pallet and Container Dollies, Baggage Carts, Storage Racks, Slave Pallets, Castor and Roller Decks of all types and sizes, Decking and Racking Systems and Cargo Handling Systems
  • Gilardoni
    Airport security including X-Ray Solutions, CheckpointSolutions, Hold Baggage, CargoSolution,Mobile Screening and Automatic Detection of Explosives
  • Tenax International
    Autonomous passenger's Transportation
  • Bradshaw
    Electric Vehicles including Passenger-Carriers and Baggage Towing Tractors through to Waste Management and Ground Support Vehicles
    Special Solutions for Airport Handling including Electric Tow Tractors for intensive cargo handling duties, Aerospace Industry, Aircraft Maintenance and Light Aviation Support
  • Kronenburg
    Airport Crash Rescue / ARFF (Airport Rescue Fire Fighting) Vehicles
  • Aviator
    Computerized & self-contained system purpose built for washing aircraft exteriors.
  • K & M airporttechnik
    Recovery Systems
  • StartPac
    Ground Power Units (GPU), Aircraft Starting Units
  • AlphaCart by FAST Global Solutions
    Ground Support Equipment including Carts, Loaders, Dollies, Stairs, Racks, Platforms, Engine-Powered Mobile Scissor Lift and Tire Carts
    Autonomous Electric Tractors for transport of goods